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“"Academic librarians are also carving out new roles in support of research data management and preservation on campus … To be successful, librarians must seek out good partners. They must focus their attention on creating robust infrastructure for long-term data archiving, clean work work flow tools and policies for describing, managing, sharing, and providing access to the data. Librarians will also be called upon to take an intermediary role in connecting multidisciplinary research communities and provide social software services" (p. 5).”

– Canadian Association of Research Libraries. 2010. “Core Competencies for 21 St Century CARL Librarians”. Ottawa?

“Making datasets available can support validation of results and reproducibility of research. Data can be repurposed in ways not foreseen by the original researchers, inspiring collaborations and new areas of research. Planning for data management early on will make curation activities much easier throughout the data lifecycle. Efficiencies can be achieved early on when data activities are not treated as one-off occurrences (p. 6)”

– Erway, Ricky. 2013. “Starting the Conversation: University-Wide Research Data Management Policy”. Dublin, OH.

“Given the emphasis of [U.S.] federal agencies on the data management plan itself, many efforts at both the library and institutional levels have focused on support for researchers writing their plans rather than on implementing the plans … [the d]evelopment of resources for long-term preservation and access to research data has been uneven and is generally less robust than support services for plan development” (p.25)”

Keralis, S. D. C., Stark, S., Halbert, M., & Moen, W. E. (2013). Research Data Management in Policy and Practice: The DataRes Project. In Research Data Management: Principles, Practices, and Prospects (pp. 16–38). Washington, D.C.: Council on Library and Information Resources. Retrieved from

Survey says: green trees in ‘93. #laurier #govdocs #trialseparation  (at Laurier Library)

Survey says: green trees in ‘93. #laurier #govdocs #trialseparation (at Laurier Library)

“A trillion dollars in student loan debt right now. A trillion right. A TRILLION dollars. We are lending money that we don’t have to kids that will never be able to pay it back, to educate them for jobs that no longer exist.”

Mike Rowe on Real Time with Bill Maher

One of the best explanations I’ve ever heard.

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